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The End of Mr. Y - Scarlett Thomas Occasionally, a book comes along that I really don't want to end. I mean really. I'll do everything to avoid the end. I'll read a chapter one week, wait another week, and then read another chapter. Or speed through 4-5 chapters on a Saturday night and then put the book away for two weeks. Maybe I'm the only person who does this, but this is how I read The End of Mr. Y.I loved this book's mix of theology, philosophy, critical theory, and information-age conflict. I studied English lit in college and fell in love with critical theory. I always wanted the be a writer of fiction and ended up being a writer of software. This book somehow marries many of my own interests in a compelling look at being human in contemporary culture. The book would appeal equally to my geek or English lit friends. The End of Mr. Y is one part Derrida and one part Susskind, and yet, these high concepts don't get in the way of a fantastic, time-traveling mystery/thriller. I imagine I'll return to this book many times again, and highly recommend it to any of my friends.